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Symbol Design System 2

Symbol is a Sketch Design System based on atomic elements. It includes a huge amount of components with flexible settings available in override panel. System parts work in unison, so all the changes you make in the Library will affect the UI Kit.

- Flexible Customization. Every component has flexible settings and can be easily edited. Override panel provides you precise customizations of each element.

- Responsive Components. We spent a lot of time to make every component resize properly for any grid system you are planning to use.

Tons of UI Components. Here are a lot of carefully customized and ready-to-use components. All the changes you’ll make in the Library will change the UI Kit.

- Typography & Styles. We envisaged everything and gathered up typography for any situation. You will not need to add some other text styles.


  • Atomic Structure
  • Responsive Design
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Tons of Components
  • Customisable Styles
  • Growing UI Kit


  • Sketch

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