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UICON Coffee Icons

Coffee Shop Icons Set , Designed with simple clean and fresh look. Vector files easy editable, so you can change its properties and get a whole new look. This mini icon set is ideal for helping you tell a story about your mobile or web products in a fun and compelling way. UICON is a beautiful crafted Icons Series that I am working on. Other Categories and Themes will be available soon. All icons are crafted in XD, EPS & Adobe Illustrator. If you need some help or you have some ideas for new sets - add, comment or email me at


  • Vector icons
  • Two Styles Available
  • Perfect for iOS, Android & Web
  • Elegant & minimal design
  • XD, Ai & EPS files
  • Compatible with Illustrator & XD


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • XD

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